What Could Go Wrong? (online series x15 episodes)

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Join Triple J presenters Veronica and Lewis as they attempt to answer the age-old question of what could go wrong? -by revealing fifteen of Australia’s maddest, craziest, and excruciating real-life stories. In this innovative and experimental short form documentary series, tales of when things have gone horribly wrong are reimagined and reinterpreted in creative and unique ways. From genre mashups, puppetry, surreal animation, satire and miniature model sets each episode tells a story using a completely different and often absurd style. Veronica and Lewis bring their own experience and comedy as they attempt to unpack the stories in What Could Go Wrong and discuss what we can learn (or not learn) about Australian life.
Example episodes:
Ring of Fire: https://vimeo.com/304507188/81d3b026f6
Broken D*ck: https://vimeo.com/304495923/45409cbefb
Death by Xmas Carol: https://vimeo.com/304503049/74a5b04d50
An Unexpected Guest: https://vimeo.com/304494114/78dd55ac1d
Crap Dance Floor: https://vimeo.com/304499922/6b0d73d22d


June 8, 2020

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