Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard (Season Two) – Trailer

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Winner of the 2017 CINE Golden Eagle Award for Best Digital Series and currently blitzing around the international film festival circuit (ranked at #14 on the 2017 Web Series World Cup globally and at #3 in Australia), Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard is firmly putting screen adaptations of Shakespeare back on the map.

“… this polished, beautifully made series from director/producer Sally McLean … a fine use of the platform and, more importantly, a very fine adaptation of the Bard … Shakespeare Republic is put together with grace and wit. An assortment of actors do terrific work making the (non-dumbed down) dialogue accessible, prying it open with great care and skill.” – Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian

Using some of Shakespeare’s most intriguing monologues and sonnets, Season Two of Shakespeare Republic explores a day in the life of 13 of Shakespeare’s characters who exist in the same world, living their lives in modern society, sometimes meeting, sometimes passing like ships in the night, all using Shakespeare’s original text.

“… incredibly clever and highly addictive …” – Made In Melbourne Film Festival, Australia

Season Two of the award-winning Australian web series, Shakespeare Republic has returned with more bite-sized Shakespeare with a difference – growing from 6 to 13 episodes this season. Created and Directed by Sally McLean, Produced by Sally McLean and Billy Smedley and starring Michala Banas, Stephen Costan, Alan Fletcher, Nadine Garner, Dean Haglund, Christopher Kirby, Sally McLean, Tariro Mavondo, Wahibe Moussa, Falon Ryan, Shane Savage, Billy Smedley and Phoebe Anne Taylor, we’re back bigger, better, Bard-er!

“… a sophisticated twenty-first century series with its own particularly Australian flavour.” – The Shakespeare Blog, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

Filmed entirely by award-winning cinematographer, Shaun Herbertson on a RED Epic, each episode is linked to other episodes in the series via visual motifs, cast or locations, to give us a sense of seeing fragments of “one day in the life” of a modern, contemporary world where we all happen to still speak in Shakespeare’s language.

The takeaway? Shakespeare speaks to us now just as strongly as he did 400 years ago when he first put quill to parchment.

“… a thoroughly fresh and modern take.” –, UK

Shakespeare Republic – all the world’s a stage … especially in this digital age …

See all episodes in Season Two here:

PLEASE NOTE: the attached screener showcases 5 of the 13 episodes from Season Two. Please click the link below for the full season:!/browse/tv/944/season/2/shakespeare-republic



June 4, 2020

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