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“Flight 69” is a shortcom that takes place in an airplane. The episodes last 10 minutes each and are composed of several skits independent of each other. The tone is humorous, crazy and quirky!

The crew is composed of 4 people, Jean, the pilot, Teddy and Karim the flight attendants, and Nathalie, the chief purser. They are all unsuitable for their job and unable to carry out their work, to ensure the safety of passengers or to reassure them!

Each episode of “Flight 69” is bound to a destination with the corresponding and stereotyped passengers. These destinations are also characters in their own right, highlighting our cultural differences and our diversity. Each episode lasts the duration of a flight and follows the precise ritual that takes place by plane; boarding, safety instructions, takeoff, meal or duty free and landing.

Actually, we have 2 episodes : “Paris/Fort-de-France” and “Paris/Marseille”


May 19, 2020

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