Bernardo Targett

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Bernardo Targett

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My Story

Bird now lives in Birmingham Alabama with his daughter Xandy(6) and Wife Erika.

He is a member of NSAI and writes, records, and produces with the help of veteran Producer Michael Rich.

Bird has worked with Randy Jackson(American Idol), Richard Dashut(Fleetwood Mac), Ken Caliatt(Fleetwood Mac), Nick Didia(STP),

Gardner Cole(Madonna, 25million albums sold), among many others. He has had music placed in various movies and TV shows throughout the years

Including Van Wilder which took the single Forgot Your Name to over half a million views.

His latest efforts including, “F” This Heart Of Mine” has had over 3 million hits on soundcloud(@bird3music)

Facebook and Instagram: @Bird3music


PR: Traci Harper

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