Clinton H Wallace and Cote d’Azur Webfest TV present Television legend, Kate Linder with a Lifetime Achievement Award, celebrating excellence in Television Acting on the 40th Anniversary of her role as Esther Valentine on the CBS hit soap The Young And The Restless.

The festivities were held at La Bella Cucina in Glendale and the food was delicious. Event sponsors included Intention Pen, Dan Fopma, The Dan Ireland Film Foundation, The Louisiana International Film Festival, and Rich Girl Productions.

Proud Mom Molly and brother Randy Wolveck attended as well as Kim Estes, Terry Moore, Lee Benton, Yehuda Nahari Halevi, Chesley Heymsfield, David Millburn, and high school friends Barbara Murphy, Barbara McKinnon, and Nancy Lumsden.

Lovely Kate was also feted on the set of Y&R and by Donelle Dadigan at the beautiful Hollywood Museum, where Kate’s original maid costume and first script are on display! Congratulations Kate, a well-deserved award for a lifetime of achievement in the entertainment industry.