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A.B Ferraz

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Nominated for Best Director in Rio WebFest 2017 – 2018 and Miami WebFest 2019, he directed all the episodes of “AtuRando Micomivolfi” (DAILYMOTION BEST BRAZILIAN SERIES in RIO WEBFEST 2015, BEST COMEDY SCREENPLAY in MIAMI WEBFEST 2016), “AtuRando Hollywood” (BEST ENSEMBLE PERFORMANCE IN A COMEDY in RIO WEB FEST 2016, BEST COMEDIC ACTRESS and BEST SKETCH COMEDY SERIES in MIAMI WEBFEST 2018) and “AtuRando Plea Bargain” (BEST COMEDY SCREENPLAY in RIO WEB FEST 2017).

Adapting and directing a book as famous as "Alice in Wonderland" was a source of great pride. Besides being of immense responsibility. My idea was to build a Underworld Wonderland and bring this Alice into the contemporary world. The meticulous work of the whole team to create this new underworld was fantastic and I am very proud of the work we have done.

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